Saturday, December 3, 2011


The puppies are getting so big.  The kids are going to be so sad when we find new homes for them.  They are starting to eat food, they come when you call them, and they are so playful.  It is fun to watch their personalities come out.  Big Bubba loves to just cuddle up on your lap and the little brown boy is so playful.  Oreo is still the smallest of the bunch, but she doesn't let you forget she is there.

Are you ready for some football?

Today was our playoff game.  We played such good defense in the 1st half.  The girl on our team got our 1 touchdown.  It was so cold (for here) the boys stayed warm running, but P and I were cold on the side.  I think Tom was even cold!  Thanks to the parent who loaned the beanie for him.

Monday, November 21, 2011

So like a guy!

Now that it is November we are into the swing of things at school.  Last month we spent a couple of nights at the beach in Carpenteria, then drove up to Northern CA.  We had a great visit with my family and went through the temple with Tyler. 

Just before we left we adopted Chloe. Phoebe has been asking for a Chihuahua for years.  She is a very good, calm dog.  At one of our stops, there happened to be a dog trainer and she asked when Chloe was due.  We now have 7 dogs!  The puppies are almost 3 weeks old now.  The kids have been having fun with the pups.  Their eyes are now open and they are starting to walk around.  Every day the kids rush home to the puppies.  They will be sad when the pups are gone, but for now it is a blast. 

Isn't that so like a guy to be all laid back, kickin it between the girls!

One of the boys is twice as big as the smallest girl!  He is such a bubba.  We have 2 boys and 3 girls.  They will be ready for homes around Christmas!

So like a man!

We have been busy here!  We finally got back into the swing of things with school.  We adopted a new dog and while driving to CA we found out she was pregnant!  We drove up and went through the Oakland Temple with Tyler.  It was a fast trip, but wonderful to see how grown up he is.  Good job James and Michelle! 

Almost 3 weeks ago Chloe had 4 puppies under Phoebe's bed.  The last one was born almost an hour later.  Mom and puppies are doing great and the kids are loving the puppies.  Every day they rush home to see what they are doing.  Eyes are opened now and they are starting to walk.  They will be sad when all the puppies leave, but they are having fun for now.

The two on their backs are boys, isn't that so like a man to be all stretched out?  They will be ready for new homes around Christmas!

Monday, September 5, 2011

What do you do in the fall?

The way the weather has been here it is hard to believe that fall will ever get here.  The last 2 weeks we were over 110 and it looks like it will be cooling down for this week, if you can call 100 cool.  Hopefully the rain that is forcasted will come!  With fall comes football and the boys will be starting up again soon.  We enjoy our time at the games as a family.

Celebrate the Family

Head over to Chocolate on my Cranium and read the August 28th post that will give all the details on this.  Several bloggers are participating to give us great ideas for our families. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks Papa!

Our month here is almost up.  Even though we miss daddy, the kids and I are enjoying the dirt here in CA.  We had horse camp the first week here.  The kids loved working with the horses and making crafts.  I was stuck in the kitchen most of the time.  We get up almost every morning and feed the horses, then work with papa or play with cousins.  Pica had her baby, a little filly and the kids go say hello every morning. 

We took a day trip to San Francisco and saw the sights.  We walked through Chinatown and bought some fortune cookies and souveniers.  We walked through Pier 39 and saw the sea lions and had a picture taken with Captain Jack Sparerib.  We drove down Lombard Street. 

Papa took us on a short camping trip to the beach and the redwoods.  The kids loved camping on the beach (it was chilly!)  Then the next day we drove inland to the Drive Thru Tree Park.  The kids really wanted to drive through the tree, but sadly the excursion and trailer would not fit.

I will add more pictures soon.